Towery Operations

Ken Towery
McKinney, TX
20' x 24'

The Lake Troy District Railroad is an HO scale fictional, regional-sized subsidiary of the Southern Pacific that exists somewhere in the approximate Midwest of the USA, roughly in 1958. It doesn't model any specific prototype, but does move a wide variety of freight, including coal, grain, refrigerated products, express, and a little bit of livestock. Switching is the main task on this layout, and most trains (even some of the passenger trains) do at least a little switching.

Because of the era, there are still a few of the last remaining big steam engines, but most road power is first generation diesels, with a heavy emphasis on Fairbanks-Morse and Alco road switchers, and FM and EMD cab freights, with a few Baldwins thrown in for variety.

1 Yardmaster, 5 road switchers (most operators will operate multiple trains)

NCE DCC with car cards for car forwarding. Almost all locos have sound, with the overwhelming majority having Tsunami and Tsunami2 SoundTraxx decoders. Dispatching is informal.

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