Garfield Operations

John Garfield
Burleson, TX
12' x 22'

The layout depicts the Erie, Buffalo Subdivision, from Buffalo (NY) to Salamanca (NY). The original Erie went from Dunkirk (south of Buffalo) on Lake Erie to Port Jarvis (NY) with a B&O interchange in Salamanca and an interchange with the Buffalo Pittsburg Line in Dayton (NY). After acquiring the B&P, Dayton still served as an Erie/Erie interchange and also the only tunnel on the Erie. The railroad represents heavy coal hauling to the steel mills of Lackawanna (NY) which were served by the South Buffalo RR and general freight and light passenger service for interchange with the primary east/west route of the Erie at Salamanca (staging). There is also a short line private RR (Conception and Viridity meaning beginning and always green) that interchanges to provide hardwood and limestone out of the Appalachian foothills of southern New York.

5 Operators, Yardmaster, Hostler/local service Engineer, road Engineer, Swithcer/Short line operator and steel mill operations.

DCC with sound operations, Rail Op switch lists.

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