Brewer Operations

Keith Brewer
Lewisville, TX
19' x 23'

The WF Div FW&D is a point to point layout representing the FW&D between Ft Worth and Wichita Falls. All towns between these points a represented on the layout, albeit some are represented by name only. The layout has 11 switching locations with a total of 51 industries. The layout is 98% sceniced.

6 operators stay busy preforming the duties of: Wichita Falls Yard Master, Bowie switcher, and 4 road operators.

Easy DCC, both tethered and radio control throttles.

Rail-Op switch lists are used for train movement and yard, and industrial switching. Dispatch is with verbal track warrants.

This layout was built, and is maintained with one thing in mind: Having fun operating a model railroad.

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